Pump It Up step charts

Simple, graphic guides to the steps for each song

Use these simple graphical step charts to learn the routines, master the dance floor and create new tricks!  Each step chart is in .GIF format.  Most of them are labeled in the original Korean, so we present them for download in easy to navigate tables.  Click on the link for the level you want to play to view the image. To save it to disk, right-click on the link and select Save Target As... from the popup menu.

Pump Xtreme is not responsible for the creation of these images* and therefore cannot guarantee the accuracy of the steps.  Some routines may be different than in certain versions of the game.  If you notice any problems that should be corrected, please contact us.

*The images contained herein were collected and compiled from various Korean-language websites.  Copyright ownership remains with the original artists.  These images are presented here only as a service to English-speaking players.




Songs A-H

Songs I-P

Songs R-W



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