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Pump It Up The Fusion

  The 3rd Dance Floor OBG

    imagesies But Goodies


The OBG combines Pump 1, 2 and 3 on one CD making it a pretty large collection of songs including remixes. OBG uses standard AVI compression for the videos with audio sampling of about 64k and up per mp3, not exactly arcade quality but it was passable. The game runs off the software and the foot pad is connected to a converter which connects to the PC via the keyboards PS/2 port.

There are 4 modes of play in the OBG and they are Easy, Hard, Double and Remix, Double mode utilizes two pads in play simultaneously for all 10 keys to be present on screen for one person to play. Remix mode consists of songs that are blended together by one or several artists making one song about an average of 3 minutes.

The interface is not very attractive and looks like it didn't take to long to make but the song selection is pretty good and there are quite a bit of remixes as well.

This one ranks a


Pump It Up The Fusion

  The Season Evolution Dance Floor


Season Evolution or SE combined Pump games 1 & 2 plus new songs by popular artists, Banya crew and two Christmas songs, plus the addition of new Remix songs as well. The compression of sound and video is that of the previous version which is less than par when compared to the arcade. Once again this game utilizes the same method of connecting to the PC as the OBG did, with converter to PC etc.

The interface for SE is much nicer than that of OBG and with a new opening intro. The music selection is very good, introducing a whole slew of new songs like Run To You, Summer of Love, Man & Woman, Betrayer, Oh Rosa and so much more making replay value high.

SE is a nice installment to the Pump It Up series, plenty of variety to keep you movin’.

All in all it ranks a


Pump It Up The Fusion

  Perfect Collection


Perfect Collection is by far the best installment to Pump for the PC and if I may say so the best looking dance sim out there for home. Perfect is an 'exact' arcade replica of the Premiere Dance Floor including all the songs minus the few English songs, but Perfect has a couple new things to drool over as well like a non-stop remix mode with a ton of songs and two versions of the song Cordiality 'Another True Heart' by Novasonic.

The Interface for Perfect is identical to its predecessor containing all the original modes plus remix mode, the video quality is also top notch straying away from the not so clear AVI files that other Pump games had. Perfect operates with the original Korean pad and converter as did previous installments before it, unfortunately the pad that was bundled with the Evolutionary Dance Floor will not operate with any of the Korean versions of Pump It Up.

Much like every new installment to Pump It Up comes new music, added to this version were Pump Jump, Net Generation 'N', Beethoven Virus, Sung In Shik, Nuhrul DoraBuo, Malhajamyun, Nan Arayo, My Fantasy, Unforgetable Memory, Hayuga, Certain Victory and Space Fantasy.

Once you've experienced Perfect Collection, you'll never go back to anything else!

Easy to say this one scores a perfect

10/10 (Just like the title says.)

Pump It Up

  The Evolutionary Dance Floor


The Evolutionary Dance Floor or Pump USA is the domestic release of Pump It Up, featuring songs like Oops I Did It Again, Bye Bye Bye, Mambo No.5 and more. Much like the previous versions of Pump this one also uses the AVI compression for its animations but connects to the PC via the USB or PS/2 port eliminating the use of the original converter, also making the USA pad incompatible with previous releases of Pump.

Much like earlier versions of pump there are Normal, Hard and Crazy modes, but some songs and Remix mode are not readily available as they are hidden modes. The interface to this one is pretty simple and average but Andamiro used the same intro they used in SE for USA which we found strange, I suppose a new intro wasn't in their budget.

As far as the music select goes, there is some variety with the new English songs and there are quite a few Korean songs as well. It might not compare too well with the other incarnations of Pump but the new songs give the game some flare.

When it all boils down to it, this one lands a


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