Pump It Up - The Premiere 2nd

Amusement Showcase International on March 7th marked the day where the new incarnation of Pump It Up was seen in America and Pump Xtreme was there in person to break it in.

Pump Xtreme  met up with the President of Andamiro USA and sales representatives to get all the details on the new Pump game, including all the new songs and modes included in this version. The new modes are as follows:

Combo Battle: Where you and another player battle it out in two-player to see who gets the highest combos, all the penalties from the original battle mode are included.

Half Double: A mode in which you use the center six buttons of the pads combined to play, more so additional steps are added to increase difficulty.

Division: In this mode you begin playing a song on the Normal difficulty, and in the middle of the song you will see letters combined with steps to decide whether you will continue playing on Normal or Progress to either Wild Style or Groove Style. 

Aside from the new modes is a whole slew of new songs, some by popular Korean artists and the rest by Andamiro’s official music mixing group Banya. The new songs by popular artists are as follows: 

  • Always – Boy Club

  • Riding the Waves – UN

  • Nae Sengae Beumnarun – Ken

  • Let’s Boogie – Go Boogie

  • Ddagheeya – Diva

  • Y – Kim Gun Mo

  • Temptation – Harisu

  • Swing Baby – Park Jin Young

  • Run Away – Toya

  • Gentlemen Quality – CB Mass

  • Hwui Param – CB Mass

  • Jangsal Opnun Gamohg – Park Jin Young

  • Zzanga – Kim Gun Mo

  • Eutginae – Hanul

  • I Love You – Jewel

  • Ga – Toya

  • Top City – Top City

Click here to download mp3's from the new Premiere 2nd!

Some of the above are the Korean titles and will most likely be in English when released domestically. The is a list of new Banya songs: 

  • Dance With Me

  • Set Me Up

  • Miss S’ Story

  • We Will Meet Again

  • Oy Oy Oy

  • Till The End of Time

  • Will O the Wisp

  • Winter

  • Street Showdown

  • Point Break

  • My Way

  • Mission Possible

  • Maria (Ave Maria)

  • Love is a Danger Zone

  • Get Your Groove On

  • Emperor

  • Dr. M


More photos and video
from the ASI show

Making for a pretty impressive line-up! On a side note, the Banya songs above will also be featured in the new PC version of Pump It Up! the Banya Collection. Graphically the game has been improved including things like new arrow burst animation, Flashy interface and new screens. 

All in all making the Premier 2 an excellent 3rd addition to the Pump It Up series and something to keep Pump fans satisfied until the next release, we should begin to see these units popping up at local arcades in the next couple months.

by Tecnou

[note: Premiere 2nd closely resembles and is almost identical to the new Korean arcade version of Pump It Up, which you can check out here.]


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