Pump It Up - The Premiere 3

The 3rd International Dance Floor

On March 25, Andamiro will be releasing the newest Pump It Up arcade machine at the Amusement Showcase International show in Las Vegas. Pump Xtreme of course will be attending the show and bringing you pictures and information at that time.

All we can tell you now is that the new game will include 60 songs total. 20 of them will be brand new and in both English and Spanish. The other 40 chosen are an assortment of classics from earlier versions that were considered widely popular around the world. There is also a new interface that is similar to the interface used in Extra, but in the screenshots I have seen so far the graphics seem to be improved over that version.

New Songs:

Click on a song title for a preview.
BambolePapa Gonzales
Burning Krypt B-Legit, 2wice&4Tray
Can you feel dis or dat 2Wice
Clap your hands Scoop fea, Joyce Lyle
Conga Queen Latin
DJ Nightmare Rodney O & Joe Cooley
Eres Para Mi Mozquito
Fiest A Macarena Pt 1 DJ Paula
On your side Kay Kent
Everybody Carlos T. Quila
Join the party Gans
Lay it down Fresno
Let the sunshine in Lisa Cool & The south spirit
Lovething Down Low
Mexi Mexi Mozquito
You don’t wanna run up Rodney O & Joe Cooley
Beat of the war BANYA

Classic songs:

Get your groove on BANYA
Love is a danzer zone BANYA
My way BANYA
Winter BANYA
Go away To-ya
I love you Jewelry
Gootta be kiddding! Hanul
Zzanga Gun-Mo Kim
Perfect! Diva
The waves U.N.
Always Boy club
Csiko's post BANYA
Monkey magic E-Pak Sa
Pierrot Hyun Do Lee 100
Final audition Episode 1 BANYA
Rolling Christmas BANYA
Beethoven Virus BANYA
As i told you Sung-Jae Kim
Siam Novasonic
Oh! Rosa BANYA
First love BANYA
Betrayer BANYA
Solitary BANYA
Mr. Larpus BANYA
Run! Novasonic
Final Audition 2 BANYA
Don't bother me Tashannie
We are Deux
Tell me Jinusean
Ok? Ok DJ. Doc
Extravaganza BANYA
Com' back Com' back
Come on please Clon
Funky tonight Clon
Another truth Novasonic

Visit the Official Pump It Up Premiere 3 website.


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