Pump It Up - for newbies

Never heard of Pump It Up? 

Well first of all, it's a video game.  Produced in Korea, Pump It Up, (commonly abbreviated PIU), is a dance simulation game.  In the arcade version, the game consists of a projection screen with a dance floor in front.  The raised dance floor is separated into  9 panels, the four corners are arrows and the center panel is designated with a drawing of feet.  These 5 panels are pressure sensitive and are used to play the game. 

Once the game starts, you see the four arrows and the feet (sometimes referred to as the "Stomp" button) arranged at the top of the screen. The music starts, and from off the bottom of the screen, the symbols begin to move up the screen with the music.  Your job is to step on the corresponding panel on the dance floor as each symbol reaches the top of the screen.  The precision with which you step on each panel determines your score. 

There is also a home version of the game available for the PC.  It uses a specially-designed mat with the design of the dance floor printed onto it.  The mat is pressure sensitive as well, and connects to your PC via a USB or PS/2 port.  A version of the game was recently released in the U.S., and features songs by popular U.S. artists such as Britney Spears and N*Sync.

However, the game has not seen popularity yet among traditional American gamers.  It is very popular among the Asian-American population in Southern California and it's fans are slowly growing in numbers elsewhere.  Players of the game know well the enjoyment and addictiveness of Pump It Up, as well as the health benefits that come along with playing often.  We here at Pump Xtreme think that everyone can love this game, even if you're not a dancer.  The game contains all types of music, mostly by Korean artists.  Everything from techno to salsa to hard rock is available.

If you have never played, we suggest you visit our Locations page and find a PIU machine near you.  Give it a try, you'll be pumping it up with the best of us in no time.

by BriBoy
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