BriBoy creates all the pages you see on Pump Xtreme.  A technical support representative and amateur web designer from Chicago, IL, he was first introduced to dance games when he saw a Dance Dance Revolution machine in a downtown arcade.  He is a former professional dancer and aspiring actor, however, Pump It Up didn't come naturally at first.  The first time he played was after he moved to Las Vegas, NV and met his roommate, Tecnou.  They got the Season Evolution dance floor by mail and BriBoy was instantly addicted.  BriBoy is a freestyler, he plays for the movement and performance aspects of the game, and enjoys creating dance routines and special tricks.  Once a week after his workout at the gym he goes to the local arcade and plays for an hour as part of his fitness program.  His favorite songs to play are I Will Accept You and Temptation. He is currently working to master double mode techniques.


Tecnou draws and designs the graphics and images for Pump Xtreme.  Originally from Los Angeles, CA, he was first introduced to Pump It Up in an arcade after moving to Las Vegas, although he has been an avid fan of Korean pop music all of his life.    The first time he ever played, he fell right off the stage!  Now he is quickly becoming an expert and a serious addict.  He plays constantly at home and in the arcades, goes for the score, and can obtain an 'S' score on several Hard songs.  His favorite songs to play are Space Fantasy and Com'Back.

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Pump Xtreme is produced and published in Las Vegas, Nevada.  All pages are designed using HTML and PHP on the Windows XP platform and hosted by Pair Networks.  This site is optimized for best viewing using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 at a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Images taken from the games are copyright 1999-2003 Andamiro.

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Contributions are welcome and encouraged.  Articles, reviews, images, music, and video are in demand!  Submit your contributions via email to  Discussion of additions or changes to the page are also encouraged in the Forums.


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